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Rates & Fee Schedule

Landing Fees

Aircraft Category*Fee per 1,000 kg
Less than 2,999kgN/AN/A
3,000 kg – 9,999 kg$9.00$6.75
10,000 kg – 19,999 kg$9.75$7.31
20,000 kg – 39,999 kg$10.50$7.88
Over 40,000 kg$11.25$8.44
*Based on aircraft maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) rounded up to nearest 1,000 kg

Ramp Fees

Aircraft Category*24 Hour Ramp Fee per 1,000 kgMonthly Fee
Less than 2,999kg$15.00 / Night$125.00 / Month
3,000 kg – 9,999 kg$4.65See Formula 
10,000 kg – 19,999 kg$5.25See Formula 
20,000 kg – 39,999 kg$5.40See Formula 
Over 40,000 kg$5.60See Formula 
*Based on aircraft maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) rounded up to nearest 1,000 kgMonthly Formula: Aircraft 24 hour ramp fee x 10

Aircraft Tie-Downs

24 Hour Tie-Down$15.00
Monthly Tie-Down$125.00
Monthly Hydro Fee$30.00

International Fee

Aircraft Category*Fee
Less than 2,999 kg$15.00
3,000 kg – 9,999 kg$25.00
10,000 kg – 19,999 kg$40.00 
20,000 kg – 39,999 kg$60.00 
Over 40,000 kg$80.00 
*Based on aircraft maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) rounded up to nearest 1,000 kg
Effective June 1, 2024

Airport Terminal Building Passenger Fee

CriteriaFee per Enplaning Passenger
Applies to commercial charters with 10 or greater passengers$10.00

Snow Removal

Regular Hours – Special Request$150.00 / Hour1 Hour Minimum
After Hours$150.00 / Hour2 Hour Minimum + Call Out

Additional Services

After Hours$150.00 for 1 Hour$50.00 for each additional hour
Airside Escort$100.00 / Hour30 min. minimum
Airside Vehicle Operator’s Permit (AVOP) Fee$50.00 / AVOPFor each test attempt
Standby Fire Rescue$150 / Hour per Truck2 Hour Minimum

Boardroom Rental

Full Day$150.00
Half Day$90.00

Development Fees – SW Commercial Development Area

Lease / Development Application Fee$1,500.00Non-refundable 
Airport Development Permit Fee$2.25 / ft2One Time Fee
Airport Development Levy$6.77 / ft2One Time Fee
Development Security FeeLOC / BondOne Time Fee
*Based on Lot Area
** Subject to terms and conditions of Airport Land Development Standards 
Effective June 1, 2024

Facility Alteration Permit (FAP) Fee

Value of ConstructionFAP Fee
Up to $50,000$3,500 Minimum
$50,001 to $500,0003% Construction Value ($7,500 Minimum)
$500,001 to $1,000,000$15,000 + 2% above $500k
> $1,000,000$25,000 + 0.5% above $1M
Note: Covers the costs of Independent Professional Fees & Plan Updating
Subject to terms and conditions of Airport Land Development Standards   

Land Lease Rates – SW Commercial Development Area 

Land Lease – Serviced Lots$0.31 / ft2Annual Fee
Airport Maintenance Charge$0.14 / ft2Annual Fee
*Based on Lot Area

Water/Wastewater / Fire Connection Fees – SW Commercial Development Area

ServiceOne Time Fee
Water / Wastewater Connection Fee$20,000.00
Fire Service Connection Fee$2,500.00

Water / Wastewater / Fire Usage Fees

ServiceAnnual UsageFee
Water ChargesFixed Monthly Water Charge $75.00 / Month
Water Usage Charge$1.76 / m³
WastewaterFixed Monthly Wastewater Charge$100.00 Month
Wastewater Usage Charge$2.57 / m³
Fire SuppressionAnnual Connection Fee$1,500.00 Annual Fee