Canada Border Services

Fully serviced by the Canada Border Service Agency, the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport maintains a Commercial Port-Of-Entry status, which allows the airport to accommodate both international passengers and freight.

Please note: all international flights are subject to an international airport clearance fee as outlined in our Rates and Fees Schedule


AOE/24 888-226-7277 PN 14-22Z Mon-Fri exc hols

Airport of Entry for up to 24 passengers – call 1-888-226-7277 to arrange. Prior Notice is required (2 hours by Canadian Law) and customs is available 14Z-22Z (0900L-1700L) Monday through Friday excluding holidays.


AOE/15 905-405-3899 PN 12-14Z and 22-02Z dly (Must arrange between 14-22Z Mon-Fri exc hols)

Airport of Entry for up to 15 passengers – call 905-405-3899 to arrange. Prior Notice required and customs is available 12Z-14Z (0700L-0900L) and 22Z-02Z (1700L-2100L) Note: For clearance during these periods, Prior Notice must be PRE-ARRANGED with customs during normal business hours of 14Z-22Z (0900L-1700L) Monday through Friday excluding holidays.


The airport is a Port-of Entry 24 / 7. For more information or to report an arrival, please contact the Canada Border Service Agency at 1-888-226-7277 or 1-800-265-6233 or visit them at