The Lake Simcoe Regional Airport – CYLS will once again partner with CFB Borden for the Canadian Forces Day and Air Show on June 9 and 10. The LSRA will participate as the primary staging ground for the event and be host to multiple high-speed military jets and large transport aircraft as well as civilian performers. The air show display will be at Canadian Forces Base Borden – CYBN.

During the period of June 7 – 11, various NOTAM’s will be published in relation to the event effecting both CYLS and CYBN – some of these NOTAM’s will include periods of PPR as well as Class F airspace restrictions. We encourage pilots and air crew to review the NOTAM files for each CYBN and CYLS as well as the Regional (FIR) NOTAM files.

The Lake Simcoe Regional Airport is strictly a staging ground and base of operations for the air show. Accordingly and in consideration that the airport will have a “hot ramp” with restricted access, there will not be any static display(s) of the participating aircraft nor an opportunity to see them close; however, we would like to encourage all interested, to view the exciting air displays from designated areas at CFB Borden. Certainly, those whom wish to see the air show staging operations are welcome to do so through the safety of the security fence or through the comfort of the airport’s modern Terminal Building.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Airport Operations at 705-487-0999 or via e/mail at